The increasing interest in Asian adult video material during the internet era has been remarkable, particularly the video erotica produced in Japan.

From the whimsical to the downright strange, from soft core to triple X, the Japanese, it seems, have a real knack for creative sexual titillation. But you only have to look at some of the erotic ukiyo-e woodblock prints (or shunga) of the 17th-19th centuries to understand this part of the Japanese sexual psyche.

What is Caribbeancom ?

Continuing this long tradition in depicting the secret desires and often forbidden sensuality demanded by discerning aficionados of human intimacy comes (no pun intended) Caribbeancom, a video streaming site boasting a comparatively long tradition of its own.

Caribbeancom has been satisfying the mostly male need for uncensored, sexually stimulating entertainment for some 20 years and, though not the only streaming site of its kind, is widely regarded as probably the best Japan has to offer. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, that the site is very secure, allowing its subscribers to feel totally at ease and confident, both in their selection of videos and in the payment details they provide. This, of course, is of paramount importance when subscribing to any service over the internet, and Caribbeancom’s data encryption communication via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) means it is completely safe from a security point of view. This encryption process is provided by Symantec’s world-class security company, Norton.

Secondly, the actresses appearing in the huge and ever-expanding number of available videos are, for want of a better word, gorgeous! I have spent several hours perusing the video previews at Caribbeancom and was unable to find a single actress that wasn’t absolutely delectable. Yes, I could think of more superlatives to describe just how lovely they are, but I am getting a little ahead of myself here – rest assured, I will return to the subject of the babes on show in due course. But before that, I want to explain a little about how the site works.

Entering the Site

The nice thing about Caribbeancom is that it is as easily viewable on a smart device as it is on a desktop or laptop computer. For this review, I found it easier to watch their videos on my iPad Mini 4 using Safari, though all of the screenshots herein were taken from Safari on my Mac. The only browser that did not work for me was Firefox, even with ad-blockers disabled; I have no idea why that was, but I am sure it was more something I had done, or had not done, that any actual issue with Firefox itself.

The first page you will see on entering the site is the one that let’s you select your language/region. Nothing unusual here, so as long as you are 18 years or older, you are good to go!

Clicking on the English link then takes you into the site proper and you can start perusing the video delights on offer without any fuss. We will have a closer look at the various menus as we go, but this is the home page:

As you can see, the selection screen is nicely laid out to show sample movies and latest movies, any of which you can click on to see a preview. You will also be pleased to know that there are no nag screens trying to bully you into signing up, no banners for online poker, no pop up windows or redirects; just a nice tidy site that lets you explore at your own pace. Now, isn’t that a refreshing change?

Perhaps you can see, even from the small selection of actresses visible in the screenshot shown above, what I meant by ‘gorgeous’ – but I think we can add cute, demure and foxy to our list of adjectives now! Want more girls? Then scroll on down to the bottom of the page to see some of the well-known and popular idols whose body of work (yes, pun intended) can be found on the Caribbeancom site. Here they are:

Good grief… I’m in love! Or in lust, at least. I defy any man on the planet (or even some women too) not to find at least one girl in this list that he wouldn’t like to see a lot more of. It is hard to choose, I know, but I was immediately attracted to Yui Hatano (top right), so I clicked on her picture and followed her profile to one of her movies. This is a still from it:

The lovely Yui Hatano getting some!

When you have finished ogling Ms Hatano, you will notice on the player bar at the bottom of the video panel, apart from the full-screen toggle and volume controller, is the clip length. All of the samples I have forced myself to sit through (he said, tongue-in-cheek) were between 30secs to 1min long, depending on what kind of video it was or how famous (should that be infamous?) the actresses are, which is understandable as we are still in freebie mode here.

Another thing you will notice about these preview clips is that, though mostly explicit, any overt penetration shots, of any kind, will have censor blurring. However, Caribbeancom’s full length movies are, you will be pleased to know, compltely uncensored.

Of course, one could spend many a happy hour just sampling these preview clips, but for the full, sunk-to-the-nuts experience, you will have to subscribe to a streaming package, and we will have a look at those a little further on.

More About The Girls

One of the most endearing things about Japanese porn actresses, and about Japanese females in general, is how natural they look – in the naked state, I mean. There is a softness and delicacy to them that is partly to do with the subtle physical characteristics of Oriental women, but which is also cultural – a preferred look and deportment, if you will, that goes back centuries.

It is also far less common that the actresses in Japanese adult videos are shaven or waxed down below, a refreshing contrast to Western porn stars in my view. Another of my pet hates are tattoos, and as these are still taboo in the Japanese mainstream (with bans in place at most public baths, hot springs and beaches), you will not find many Japanese actresses sporting ink. For me at least, the creamy-skinned, au-naturel beauties at Caribbeancom evoke a far less scary brand of femininity than one sees on Western porn sites.

But enough of my personal preferences.

Back to the Home Page – Menus

If you click on the MOVIES menu at the top of the HOME page, you will be able to search the site content according to a list of parameters such as by Actress Type (which is also a good way of learning words the Japanese use to categorise their fantasy females); by Play (erotic theme, in other words); by costume; or by ranking. As you can see, the page follows the uncluttered layout common to the site:

Next is the CATEGORY menu, which will give you a good idea of the variety of erotic themes available for viewing at Caribbeancom. This what the list looks like, each item clickable and delivering you right where your particular bent takes you:

It is amazing really, when you think about it; how many different ways there are for people to get their rocks off. I live in a very residential, family part of Tokyo, and I see a lot of attractive young mothers out and about, many of them from my own apartment bock; naturally, I was drawn to the ‘Milf’ category. This was where that choice finally took me:

Oh, Mamma! I should have neighbours like that! Actually, I do; it is another fact about Japanese females that they look after themselves very well until well into their forties, child-rearing not withstanding.

Maybe it is the diet, or all those volcanic mineral baths that keeps them so young-looking. Or maybe it is simply that they are as fruity as hell and love sensual pleasures.

Yes, another of my personal turn-ons; chick on chick action!

The RANKING menu will show you a top fifty of the site’s most popular movies, or the top forty actresses, shown here, and their movies.

The final FREE SAMPLES menu features picks by Caribbeancom staff members but which are presumably only free samples when one has subscribed to a payment plan; until then, they are just short preview clips.

But whatever kind of girl attracts you, or whatever erotic theme dunks your doughnut, there will probably come a point when the demo clips are no longer enough for you. That is when you will need to consider which subscription plan to choose.

Subscribing to Caribbeancom

When you are ready to sign up, just click the JOIN NOW button at the top right of the page you are in and you will see this payment plan page:

That is fairly self-explanatory, so I will not go into further detail about each plan. I think that given the range and quality of the site content, and the excellence of the actresses, Caribbeancom offers good value for money.

Caribbeancom accepts VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club credit cards and, as previously stated, their secure protocol and SSL technology protects your identity and billing information. Billing information on your credit card statement will appear discretely as DTI Services.

Be warned, though, that your membership will be renewed at the end of every billing cycle, so remember to cancel your membership at least one day before that happens (in the unlikely event you get tired of watching the girls).

A Final Thought – The Action

If I were to be perfectly honest, I would have to say that the movies at Caribbeancom, for all their technical quality, are somewhat predictable, but then, this is porn, not art house moviemaking. It is to be expected that acting is not these girls’ strong suit, that the lighting is designed to cast no shadows and so creates no mood, and that plot is conspicuous only by its absence. But every so often, creative juices do flow in the porn moviemaking business, and truly original movies appear; I just have not seen any evidence of it so far at Caribbeancom.

As for the nitty-gritty, the sexual acts depicted follow formulae common to all porn, being rather mechanical, impersonal affairs. The male actors are the most guilty in this respect (one reason why I prefer lesbian erotica), being most often boorish in their approach, or the approach the director expects them to take, with the actresses often not giving the impression they are relishing what is being done to them (though that is common among Japanese women I have found).

On the other hand, the actresses in this site’s movies, given the opportunity, can be extremely sensual and dextrous in their approach to the business at hand; something which comes across well in some of the videos I watched on this site, particularly those that involved fellatio or lesbian cunnilingus. But then, it is all about the girls at the end of the day; it is they we pay to see.

Pros and Cons

  • Caribbeancom offers high quality, uncensored adult video featuring a truly stunning line-up of top Japanese porn actresses
  • Movies are often predictable and formulaic
  • The site is easy to navigate and free from unwanted advertising and annoying pop ups
  • The streaming package prices are not the cheapest, but they do represent good value when taking the above points into consideration
  • Security and privacy is well-maintained
  • New movies are constantly being added featuring new talent as well as more established stars